Attention: Men and women, ages 18 to 58, who are TIRED of spinning their wheels trying to burn fat and build muscle!!!

30-Day Carnivore Keto Cut is Helping People JUST LIKE YOU Torch Stubborn Fat, Build Serious Muscle, and Finally Reach PEAK Performance!

Take the Guesswork Out of Carnivore Keto With This Action-Packed Exercise & Nutrition Program! It’s Time to TRANSFORM Your Body While Eating Mouth-Watering Steak, Bacon, and Other "animal-based" Foods

Do YOU Struggle with Keto? Find it Hard to Lose Fat and
Build Muscle? If So, You’re NOT Alone.

Let’s be real. A standard ketogenic diet works, but folks are finding SERIOUS limitations and
simply aren’t getting the results they desire.

So guess what... they go off and try ALL SORTS of new-fangled keto variations. 
But still, NOTHING seems to work.

They get stalled-out or totally shipwrecked on the ‘Island of No Results.’

Sound familiar? Maybe that’s YOU!

All you want is to burn fat, lose weight, and add muscle to your frame.

But it’s nearly impossible when you’re on the WRONG low-carb diet, taking the WRONG approach, 
and listening to all the wannabe keto-experts that don’t know jack. (Look… it’s not your fault).

If you’re like most people… I can see it in your eyes.

I can see that you’re fatigued and have ultra-low energy, especially during training…

I can see that you’re frustrated by your performance, unable to hit your goals…

I can see the micronutrient deficiencies, the weight-loss stalls, and the spiked cortisol
that are OFF THE CHARTS!


Maybe your relationships are suffering and your confidence is low. Your
body looks and feels more “flabby-shabby” than “fit-like-Fabio.” And you just
something — anything! — that delivers on its promise.

Hi, I’m Danny Vega…

I’ve helped thousands of people JUST LIKE YOU optimize ketosis, burn fat, and add loads of muscle when everything else has failed them. It’s my passion and purpose in life. Because I’ve been there...

I was in your SAME BOAT. Lost in the sea of keto diets, tossed by the waves of “eat this” and “avoid that.” It was all SO confusing and utterly... disheartening.

I had tried other approaches to cutting fat--even on a ketogenic diet--that either did not work as well, or took a lot more will power than I had to give!

I knew deep down there was a better way to approach keto. So I went full steam ahead, researching ways to OPTIMIZE KETO like my life depended on it (because in a way... IT DID!).

Armed with an MS in Human Performance, an appetite for mouth-watering meat, and a desire to get REAL RESULTS… I ended up learning all about the Carnivore Diet.

I didn’t create the carnivore diet… but I damn sure OPTIMIZED it! This is the FIRST all-in-one carnivore cutting program of its kind.

And it’s the Missing Piece to the Keto Puzzle!

I’m living, walking proof of the power of a carnivore diet. 
Look. I’m no slouch when it comes to athletics. I have an extensive background in physiology and
sports performance.
And I was a college football player at Columbia University. 
But I never expected THIS...
Within ONE month of switching from keto to carnivore, I was hitting lifetime PRs outta the park! I’m
now first in the state of Florida (and top 10 in the country!) at the 100 meter (14.5 seconds)
and 1 minute for distance (389 meters). 
So be honest with yourself. Do you want to TORCH FAT, pack on muscle, and improve your athletic performance... all while eating t-bone steak, chicken, bacon, salmon, and lobster?! 
If the answer is NOT an emphatic YES! then this program isn’t for you. 
BUT… if you’re serious about transforming your physique and performance — all the while surfin’-&-turfin’ — you’re in for a treat my friend!
My Exclusive 30-Day Carnivore Keto Cut Program is a ZERO carbohydrate, primarily meat-based diet that was created with YOU in mind. 
This program has the potential to CHANGE. YOUR. LIFE.

This RESULTS-DRIVEN Program Paves the Way to  Fat Loss and Muscle Gain, While Helping You To:

  • Start a highly effective carnivore diet, the RIGHT way
  • Burn fat and get stacked & jacked the SMART way
  • Get the most out of an optimized ketogenic diet
  • Take your metabolic conditioning to the next level
  • Learn how to BREAK THROUGH fat-loss stalls
  • Use keto and carnivore to improve body composition
  • Learn how to properly exit the diet phase
  • Discover and maintain motivation and a winning mindset
  • And SO much more!
That’s right… what typically takes people 6+ months to achieve
(if they achieve it at all!), only takes ONE MONTH with my 30-Day Carnivore Keto Cut program! 

This Action-Packed 30-Day Carnivore Keto Cut Program is PERFECT For Anyone — Young or Old! —
Who is Sick and Tired of:

  • Navigating keto on their own and FINALLY wants to learn for cutting body fat proper macro ratios, micronutrient status, and optimal fueling for different activities.
  • Not knowing how to properly train, and wants a goal-specific protocol on how to manage volume and intensity while training.
  • Getting stuck and experiencing fat-loss stalls, and just wants to BLAST THROUGH these frustrating plateaus.
  • Not knowing how to optimize cognitive performance, and FINALLY wants to learn the best ways to manage stress, leverage genetics, eliminate toxins, and biohack to improve overall performance.
  • Looking in the mirror and feeling like s#*%, when you know that you (yes, YOU!) have what it takes to transform your body and mind.
In other words, the 30-Day Carnivore Keto Cut program was specifically designed for men and women JUST LIKE YOU! 
It’s for those who are FED UP with the keto status quo and want to
burn fat and get SHREDDED like never before!

Here’s What’s Included

The Danny Vega EXCLUSIVE 30-Day Carnivore Keto Cut Program Comes With ALL of These Fat-Burning, Muscle-Building, Nutrition-Enhancing Products:
The Carnivore Keto Cut Kickoff ($199 value) — This introduction to the world of carnivore keto includes EVERYTHING you need to get started. From safety and meal suggestions, to my EXACT approach, and 4 WEEKS of training and nutrition! It’s the meat of the program (pun intended). 
The Carnivore Keto Cut Kickoff ALSO includes:
  • A macro calculator with 4 weeks of adjustments.
  • Daily weigh-ins so you can stay on track and motivated
  • My secret training tips and other critical information you need to succeed
This product bundle is MORE than enough to drive serious results. But it gets better…

These TWO value-packed bonuses are YOURS if You ACT TODAY!

7-Minute Ab-Shredder ($99 value) 

It’s time to sculpt jaw-dropping, show-stopping abs that will make YOU the envy of the pool party. The 7-Minute Ab Shredder will get you there in just 7 MINUTES per day! 

Carnivore Recipe Guide ($49 value)

Get 10 of my favorite easy-to-make carnivore recipes to torch fat, build muscle, and make your taste buds jump for joy. 

Where Do YOU Want To Be in 30 Days From Today?

You know what they say… if you keep doing what you’ve always done, you’ll keep getting what you’ve always gotten. Sobering words, right?
Now picture this...
Imagine waking up in just 30 days from now and looking in the mirror. What do you see? Do you see the same tired eyes, bloated face, and stubborn fat and flab? 
Do you see that VIBRANT reflection of someone who JUMPED ON THE OPPORTUNITY and started down the GLORIOUS ROAD to PEAK PHYSIQUE?!
Are you ready and willing to do something different, starting today? Are you ready to make a smart investment in your health and fitness?
The choice is yours. 
Invest in Your Body and Mind.
Invest in PEAK Performance. 
Get my exclusive 30-Day Carnivore Keto Cut and start LOSING FAT and GAINING MUSCLE TODAY!
This one-of-a-kind Carnivore Keto program is complete with exercise and nutrition plans, recipes, daily weigh in calendar with daily, incremental body weight goals, macro calculator, secret tips — the works! It’s literally locked and loaded with EXPERT strategies and tactics that will blow your mind. 
And it’s valued at over $350! Yes! You read that right… $350!!!
But if you ACT NOW, you can get the FULL program for
ONLY $37!
 That’s right, just $37 to step into the Body of your DREAMS!
[YES! I want the Danny Vega 30-Day Carnivore Keto Cut. 
I want to take action TODAY for a fit and healthy TOMORROW!]

Are You Kidding Me, Danny?

That’s Cheaper Than Dinner On the Town!

Dang right it is. I didn’t want price to stand in your way. So I’m offering it for just $37, which just so happens to be the SAME price as…
  • Seven unhealthy lattes at your local crappy coffee hole…
  • A tank of gas that’ll get you nowhere fast…
  • Two movie tickets on that dumpster-fire of a blind date…
  • ​You get the point…
Most people invest in the dumbest things. So this is your chance to invest in something that will finally deliver lasting results.

Experience Fat-Loss and Muscle Growth While Enjoying AMAZING Food... In Just 30 Days… Or You Don’t Pay a Dime!

I’m a man of my word… so I’m putting my money where my mouth is. 
I’m 1,000% confident that my 30-Day Carnivore Keto Cut program will totally TRANSFORM your body for the better. So I’m about to do something a little crazy…
Here’s my promise to you...
I’m giving you 60 FULL DAYS to test drive this program. If you don’t experience the benefits, simply get in touch and I will PERSONALLY refund your money. No questions asked!
That takes every last morsel of risk off your back. And it gives you TOTAL CONFIDENCE to invest in the future version of yourself. 
You have absolutely NOTHING TO LOSE, and FAT-BURNING, MUSCLE-BUILDING goodness to gain. So don’t sleep on this!

Looks Like You’ve Hit a Fork in the Road! You Now Have 3 Options

You read all about this life-changing 30-day program (that literally has zero risk) but you turn a cold shoulder and walk away. If you go down this road, maybe nothing will ever work for you. 
You try to go it alone. You cobble together pieces of random information, and set off on a dead-end journey. You have no clue what you’re doing, but hey, at least it’s free. If you choose this road, I can almost guarantee you’ll continue spinning your wheels going nowhere. 
Your third and final option is the ONLY option that makes sense. You take the chance on my Carnivore Keto Cut program and literally improve your body composition over the next 30 days. You look better, feel better, perform better, and you FINALLY get results you’ve been looking for. 

Who is the Brains Behind the Brawn, Danny Vega?

You might be eager to learn more about me.
Sure, I have several years’ experience with low carb diets. But I’m more than just the “carnivore-keto guy.”
I’m a native of Miami, Florida, but I received my Bachelor’s from Columbia University. While at Columbia, I played college football with the best of them. I went on to earn a Masters of Science in Human Performance from the University of Florida, where I worked with the national championship men’s basketball team, as well as the tennis and golf programs. 
Not long after that I became the Strength & Conditioning Coordinator for VCU basketball, helping the Rams become 2007 Conference Champions and making it to the second round of the NCAA tournament. 
As a raw powerlifter, I have meet bests of 640 squat in wraps (610 raw), 400 bench, and 700 deadlift. I’ve also competed in indoor rowing, where I hold a handful of Florida state records. 
And today, my newest adventure is Brazilian jiu-jitsu!
I’m passionate about learning and building my skills and expertise. So every week I talk with some of the world’s most successful and intelligent leaders on the Fat Fueled Family podcast. I then take this expert knowledge and share it with my clients to help them improve their lives. 
I’ve paid my dues, and my experience speaks for itself. Today I’m offering my proven system for fat-loss and muscle building. It’s yours for the taking!
Let’s do this together. 




*Individual Results may vary, and testimonials are not claimed to represent typical results. All testimonials are from real men and/or women, and may not reflect the typical purchaser’s experience, and are not intended to represent or guarantee that everyone will achieve the same or similar results. Each individual has unique experiences, exercise habits, eating habits, and applies the information in a different way. Thus, the experiences that we share from other people may not reflect the typical users’ experience. However, these results are meant as a showcase of what the best, most motivated users have achieved. In addition, you assume certain risks inherent in exercise and nutrition programs by using this system. You should not begin the program if you have a physical condition that makes intense exercise dangerous. In addition, Our Programs require you to follow an eating plan and at times restrict the amount of calories you consume. You should not begin this eating plan if you have physical or psychological issues which make fat loss dangerous. Danny Vega's Programs are an educational service that provides general health information. Danny is not a doctor, and his advice is not a substitute for medical advice. Please consult a physician before beginning any exercise or diet program.
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